Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Miss Molly’s Tea Room

I have not been to Miss Molly's in about 15 years.  I really enjoyed Miss Molly's when I was younger,  it was at another location and we to go once a year or so. But, it seems the older we got, the less we went.  I have only been to this other, "new", location.

But, work has been stressful, so I decided to treat myself to some tea and sandwiches.  I was headed to Vermilion for the Memorial Day Weekend and Miss Molly's was right on the way...so, I almost HAD to stop :)

I have to say I enjoyed the food, it was very good.  But, I was not as pleased with the tea.  I ordered the Coconut Oolong.

As I have found with other tea places, they do not prepare the tea properly.  Tea places need to either:
a. prepare the tea in the back and bring the in the pot already made
b. Put the loose leaf tea in the bag so I can I pull out when the tea has steeped.

Because when you leave tea in the tea pot it is only good for so long.  The first cup of tea was good, but the second had over steeped and was bitter. The waitress said she would get me another pot, but I was okay.

When I sat down, they lighted the candle in my cup.

I enjoyed the blueberry scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam.

Coconut Oolong - the first cup was great!

3 Sandwiches, a cup of chicken and rice soup and chips for $10.50
(Cheese, Chicken, and tuna)

I enjoyed the Tea Room Sampler

I have always enjoyed tea places...this place is Victorian and very fun.  Not so much my decorating style- but they rocked it!  They went all in with the style and really did it well.

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