Thursday, October 21, 2021

Tai Chi Instant Chrysanthemum Tea at Cleveland's Asia Plaza

I discovered Chrysanthemum when I was in Malaysia.  I loved it.  It is super sweet, so I don't drink it often.  I have found a couple places that sell this tea.  One of the places is Cleveland Asia town.  I loved the Asia Plaza.  If you are looking for fun Asian food and products this is the place for you.

I went to Cleveland with my friend Heidi.   We went for Dim Sum and while in the Asia Plaza I found some fun Chrysanthemum teas. We also did some fun shopping.  We went to the pharmacy, a flower shop, a tea shop, and souvenir shops.

I also bought this adorable Asian fisherman.  I want to get a bonsai tree for him to live under now.

This tea was super inexpensive, only $3.99 for a box.

This tea is instant.  Just add to hot water.

Chrysanthemum, or Ju Hua in Chinese, is known for cooling internal heat and relieving headache dizziness due to liver inflammation.

I was disappointed in myself...I came home with the bathroom key!!  Since I am over away, I mailed the key back to the store I borrowed it from.  It was so big I put it in my shopping bag when I went to restroom and then I forgot I had it.  OH MAN!!

I love heading up to Cleveland.  To me, it is a quick hour away. There are so many fun little towns around the city.  This was the first time I was in Asia town, but I want to go back again.


This tea is really good.  It is super inexpensive.  The draw back for me is the sugar. 

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