Thursday, February 22, 2018

Keurig pomergrante raspberry Stash tea

This tea was good, not fabulous but good.  I have to admit I've not been overly pleased with tea pods from Keurigs. I think maybe because I'm not a fan of most bagged tea when I can have loose leaf tea... and the Keurig is even more broke down then bagged tea.  The Keurig info-mmercical went on and on how they work to make coffee taste just like you would in the store.  They used Starbucks as an example, they went on and on about the process to make it taste the same in your home as in the store.  I can say that the tea in the Keurig has been NOTHING like the tea in the store.  I'm finding some tea have Stevia  added to them, when the original does not... and I can't stand the Stevia aftertaste. I'll keep trying- but so far tea in the Keurig has been a miss for me.  Maybe they'll read this and offer me a job to help perfect the tea process!!  


IngredientsGreen tea, hibiscus, orange peel, chamomile, pomegranate flavor, raspberry flavor, citric acid, matcha

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