Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Silicon Tea bag, Teavana Berry Basil Blast

6 colors for $12.99
I gave lots of these out for Christmas gift!  I am a fan of the silicon tea bag.  It holds the tea well and small leaves don't "sneak" out of the bag.  The bag also cleans out SUPER easy.
I love my Basil Berry Blast tea. It is a white tea- so you have to remember two things...you have to keep your water at a lower temperature and you don't steep it as long!  These things play a huge part in how your tea tastes.  White teas like a temperature of 180 to 185° F and I tend to steep 2-3 minutes at the most.

I wish you could smell this tea!  It is so fresh and yummy

I blogged about this tea in 2013.  And just now when I went to get information from Teavana about the tea, it appears that the tea is no longer available....that is sad!  But, they do have other nice white teas.

                                  8 oz of water, 1 t of tea

Putting it on a lower temperature.

Steeping 2 minutes. 

This tea you can use again.  I will get 2-3 cups out of this white tea.

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