Monday, July 5, 2021

April 21- National Tea Day

National Tea Day is observed in the United Kingdom every year on 21 April to celebrate the drinking of tea. It is celebrated in tea rooms, hotels, pubs and caf├ęs through special events, and charitable fundraising events held across the country.

There are 7 other tea days to be watching for too:

National Bubble Tea day is April 30.
Earl Grey Month- June
National Iced Tea Month- June
National Iced Tea Day - June 10
National Cream Tea Day- last Friday in June
National Chai Day- September 21
National Hot Tea Month- January

April 21- National Tea Day in London....but I celebrated here in the USA too.  And I enjoyed the snow too.  I love the cold weather and what better way to celebrate then with a warm cuppa tea.

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