Monday, September 9, 2013


My friend brought me to Gong Fu Tea today, I read about it on line and could not wait to visit. Gong Fu tea in Des Moines, Iowa.  Interesting, while we were at church on Sunday, we found out that one of Kate's friend shops here and loves this tea.   This fun little shop is about 20 minutes from my friends house and about 3 minutes from the hotel I am staying in.

The place was pretty busy when we were there...that's always a good sign!!

See all the tea stored on the wall, in dark air tight containers.
 The store is very "zen" and relaxing.  It was fun!


 Wall of tea....

I had the cold Lavender Sencha tea.  It was good.  It was not as strong in the Lavender flavor as I was hoping, but it was still very good.

Kate had the cold Chai and she said it was very good.

Very fun to visit this tea shop.  They has all kinds of teas, tea pots, tea cups, and fun tea extras.  I will maybe need to purchase some more tea on line.

I also then purchased some Lemon Hibiscus Tea to take home :)

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