Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Keurig and Snapple Peach Iced Tea

I ordered a Keurig from the Home Shopping Show- I love it!!! It was an incredible deal!

I thought the first tea I would try would be Snapple Iced Tea....I love my Peach Snapple Iced Tea...

 Well, this was NOTHING like the bottle iced Snapple tea. It was awful!  I mean horrible!!!!  I looked and they don't use the same ingredients!  Well, there ya go.  No wonder it did not taste the same.

I had been so excited to try it.  On the infomercial they talked about how the coffee from Starbucks is tested and it has to taste like the coffee you get at Starbucks.  So, I figured they would have to have the same standards for their tea.  I was wrong!!!  I called Keurig to get a refund, they said the would take care of it, and 10 months and 2 phone calls later I still have not gotten it.  Oh well, at least I love my Keurig!  I will stick with making regular teas and hot coco.

Ugly Christmas sweater day at work

I'll stick to the bottled iced tea!

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