Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Bluebird Tea birthday package

Last year I treated myself to some amazing tea from England.  I love love love Bluebird tea!!!  It's become my new favorite tea company.  Its even taken the place of Teavana for me. Why you ask? Well, for multiple reasons:
1. The flavors are just as good if not better
2. More variety  of teas
3. Teavana is no longer in business
4. The price is good too...BUT, the draw back is shipping! Shipping kills me.

I ordered a large variety of tea, and so far I am loving them!!  They have some blends I only drink cold brewed, grapefruit for example.

Ever want to try Bluebird tea and want to split the shipping with me, let me know. 😃 

Also, be their friend on Instagram and Facebook, see the photos they post about their teas.  its inspiring, yes inspiring.  I wish they had a store in the states.  I told them if they brought a store to Ohio I'd  run it for them.

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