Wednesday, April 25, 2018

ideas for a tea cart lead to ideas of a Tea Truck!!!

I bought this cheap cart for $3. I use it as my Kombucha cart.  I needed it fixed because it was wobbly.  We call my dad "Clint" because he is able to make anything.- like Clint on Fixer Upper.
He was able to screw it all together. and now it is very stable.
However, now I tagging new options for my dad to make :)  I want an attractive kitchen kombucha cart I can wheel around my kitchen.

These carts are just my style.  I would love to have my dad make one of these for me!!! (lol dad!!)

I also discovered these two "carts" that I would love to pull behind my car and take sell scones and tea!  I know I am just dreaming.  It is fun to dream and think about how I can get my tea out there.  This looks like a fun way!  

This truck is super cool too!!  As I dream about a Tea Truck, I love to tag fun vehicles.  See what I have below:
If anyone has a vehicle they want to donate to me to start my tea business on the road- let me know!!  :)


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