Monday, April 23, 2018

Tea party to raise money for cancer research

I was very excited to attend my third tea party put on by the Cancer Crusaders team.  The have a new relationship with The James in Columbus.  I am always surprised that the tickets are only $10.  I think they could easily charge $12- I mean it is a fund raiser after all.

I was sad that my mom was out of town and could not attend. I ended up going by myself and sitting with people I did not know.  But, they were very nice and I had a great time.   We discovered I went to school with her kids and her husband went to school with my dad.  Being on my own will never stop me from doing things.

The tea is held at the Christ Church, Unite Church of Christ in Orrville.

Yes, admittedly I am a tea snob.  The tea food is so amazing, but this year I snuck in some really good tea!  Instead of using the Bigelow tea they provided I brought Skinny Minny Bluebird tea.  It was a really good Pu-erh and Oolong tea.

Lemon bread, pinwheels, and delicious sweets

Chicken salad, mini quiches, egg salad finger sandwiches and so much more

Mini scones, chocolate covered strabwerries....

All this for $10- and we all got seconds!  So yummy!!!

After we all enjoyed our tea food we played a tea game.  The Team had gone to a pottery place and painted tea pots (sorry I have no photos- I know that is a shocker)  and the winner of PARTY BINGO would win a tea pot.  It was lots of fun and very clever. All the words they pulled were tea related- like- Downton Abby, High Tea, Crumpets, Hats, Gloves, Green Tea, Cream Puff, etc..

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  1. Thank you for sharing our tea party, Kerrie! We have talked about raising the price, and know that people would pay more, but we want family groups to be able to afford it and are just happy that everyone enjoys attending. We raised over $1,000 and will be sending that on to The James to be used for immunotherapy research. So happy to have you join us again, and we missed your Mom!