Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Oregon chai K-Cup

I have been pretty critical of the tea K-cups.  And I think with good reason.  If I drink a tea I expect it to be worth my time, money, and taste buds.  I have not found many tea K-Cups that I like, so many of them have stevia added, even when the original tea does not have it added.  My mom gave me this chai to try.  I have to say it wasn't bad.  it still does NOT taste like the original chai tea, but it isn't as awful as some of the K-Cups I have tried.  Seriously, they need to work on their flavors.  They rave about how their coffees taste just like the ones you buy at Starbucks or other coffee shops....but what about their teas?  I know that tea doesn't seem to have the popularity that coffee has, but that doesn't mean it doesn't deserve to have the same great flavor and taste as the original tea,
My cat is a big fan of the whip cream :) 

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