Sunday, July 1, 2018

Church Avenue Lavender - Cleveland Tea Revival

I enjoyed my first trip to Cleveland Tea Revival. I purchased some tea while there.

This is a quaint little tea shop in Cleveland.  I could not pass up the lavender tea, especially once I smelled it.


from 6.00oz
Our flagship blend is a white tea with fennel, lavender, and peppermint.  It's great served hot or iced.

I wanted to try this tea cold- so I made it warm. Since it is a white tea I made sure I had the water temperature was not too hot ( 185 degrees) and I did not steep it too long.  If your water is too hot or you steep to long you will ruin the flavor of your tea.  You will wilt the leaves and it will be bitter tasting.

Once steeped I pour it into a class of ice.  It is perfect and refreshing!!!  I had 3 co-workers try it.   Two of them like me loved it.  The other one was not real keen on- I think the fennel in it was too much for her.  I am a fan for sure!!!!

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