Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Old Town Battle Grounds - Pearl Jasmine- Jasmine Harmony

I love hanging out with my niece!  She had the morning off and we got to run around and play together.  She is the best!!!  She is my favorite niece!!
She suggested this coffee/tea house.  She thought  I would like it...and she was right.  Cute tea shop in an old church.

Jasmine Green Tea*, Roasted Chinese Green Tea*, Lavender*, Lemon Myrtle*

I ordered some Jasmine Pearl tea for lunch.  This is one tea place I have on my list to visit in Portland.  I have yet to get there- maybe next year.

The tea was really good warm, so good I purchased it.  It was the only thing I purchased while on vacation.  I traveled for two weeks with only a carry on, I had to be picky about what I brought home, since I  basically had no room to bring anything back home- but I made room for this tea!!

This was a really good tea.  I actually bought some loose leaf tea to take home.

I had a really good Corned Beef Reuben Sandwich and my niece had a panini.  I also had a really good lavender chai tea- I blogged about that in another post.

Nice shop.  I thought it was nice.  In the basement they have donuts too- Dungeon Donuts.

great little gem in Battle Ground!

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