Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Mango Sencha, Ohio Tea Company

Sencha, mango flavor, sunflower blossoms

This is a really great green tea.  I am becoming a bigger fan of green teas.  I've always heard there were lots of benefits, but I am also enjoying some of the flavors.  Ohio Tea is the main reason for this, they  have quality green teas with amazing flavors.  I have two green teas of theirs that I am loving.

I've heard that you should not drink green tea before 10 am, because the the high contents of catechins in green tea that can damage the liver if you have an empty stomach.  Catechins are natural antioxidants that help prevent cell damage and provide other benefits

The best time to drink green tea is around 10 am.

You should drink green tea between meals to maximize the intake of nutrients and iron absorption.  Don't drink green tea with your meal if you suffer from anemia.

Drink green tea before you exercise.  Green tea can increase your energy and you can exercise longer and because of the caffeine in green tea you can burn more fat.

Drink green tea two hours before you go to bed, the caffeine can keep you awake, green tea is a stimulant.  If you drink it two hours before bed this is when you have the lowest metabolism and the green tea can increase it.

This green tea is really nice and light.  It does not have that earthy, grassy flavor.  I am really enjoying the mango notes in it.  This is a keeper!!

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