Saturday, December 19, 2020

Rebecca's Bistro, London Fog...and other fun stops in Amish Country

I won a Mother's Day Contest.  I was given a nights stay at the Carlise Inn in Sugar Creek.  This included the night stay, dinner the night before and breakfast. 

I was so excited and I took my parents.  We have so much fun together.  The Inn is only about 45 minutes away.  I took the Friday off and we played in Amish County together....eating, antiquing and finding fun teas.

We had breakfast/brunch at one of our favorite places, Rebecca's.

I ordered the Creamed Egg, A filling and delicious combination of creamed eggs and Swiss cheese on toasted sourdough bread.  This reminds me of when I lived at home and my mom would make Eggs Ala Golden Rod.  The only difference it mom did not make it with Swiss cheese and mom added paprika. 

I also got the London Fog which was really yummy. 

We then did a little antiquing and then ran into my friend, Jody, who was selling her pottery.  Check out her pottery, Rudy Whistle.

We went to my favorite cheese shop- Heini's.  I only wish they still did samples.  One of the disappointments of Covid.

We stopped at a few other places and then ended up in Sugarcreek.  One of the places I had not been in years, but a place I used to go with my grandparents.

One of the traditions was going to the Alpine Alpa and then afterwards we would go upstairs and see the Worlds Largest Cuckoo Clock.  The Restaurant has since closed, but the town still has the clock.  We were able to watch the clock "sing" while we were there.  It was just like I remembered. 

We had a great time enjoying dinner, our free nights stay and breakfast.  It was really a fun and relaxing weekend.  The Inn is a great place to stay if you are looking for something in that area.

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