Monday, November 15, 2021

SureHouse, Apple Cider Chai

The Chai-der was on the menu today.  It was really good.  The notes of chai mixed with the spiced of chai.  It hit the spot.

I am a fan of the Chai-der.  The cider is not overpowering and the chai is able to come through.  I got one for myself, the cold one.  And one for a co-worker, the hot one.  We both really enjoyed the flavors.  The staff at SureHouse is always super friendly and kind.  They are knowledgeable to the drinks and what is in them.
The Chai-der gets 4 tea cups out of 5 tea cups for me.

My friends and I have discovered the delicious delights of Sure House.   We have been taking turns buying drinks for each other.

There is only one place in Orrville to coffee and tea drinks in Orrville.  This place is great and I am a fan.  I hear a Dunkin' Donuts is coming to Orrville...but Surehouse is the place for me.  I do prefer to make my own drinks, but I do splurge from time to time...and this is the place I go most often.

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