Friday, August 2, 2013

GOOD EARTH Chai Tea Vanilla

Good Earth® Vanilla Chai Tea Delicious spices with deep vanilla create a soft and smooth, sweet and gentle tea. The spices provide the initial flavor sensation while the vanilla follows with a sweet velvety taste. Enjoy with milk for the true taste of India.

Isn't funny how everyone has different taste buds?  I love it when my four and half year old nephew, Kyle, reminds me of this!  Well, here is another example of this.  Work bought some teas for the break room.  One was Good Earth Chai Tea Vanilla.  I have liked Good Earth in the past so I was excited to try this flavor.  My friend Melanie, who I work, with really liked it.  What did I think????  I did not like it.  I thought it had a perfume taste. So, this is one Good Earth tea that I will avoid in the future.  I even tried it with milk and it was still no good.

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