Friday, August 2, 2013


HERE IS MY POST #200!!!  I am paying tribute to one of my favorite tea drinkers...Uncle Si
I walked into the break room at work this week and smiled when I saw this cup on the counter.   My favorite show is DUCK DYNASTY...and if you have ever seen this show, you know that this cup looks like the one Uncle Si always has with him.
Are you familiar with Duck Dynasty?  The show is a riot.  But, what I really like about the Robertson Family is their love for the Lord.  They make no apologies for the way they live their lives.  And I love it! 
I can not wait for Season 4 to start (August 14, 2013).  I am thinking about having a Duck Dynasty party the night of the season premier.  I will ask people to dress in camouflage. We could serve duck and maybe I will make tea and serve them in cups like Si's.  People can keep their cups of souvenirs of the evening!!

Here is Uncle Si and his tea cup

Here I was snapping photos, being all excited as if it were really Uncle Si's cup.  Can you imagine how excited I would be if it were really Si's tea cup?!  Maybe in my tea shop I should sell Uncle Si's tea cups :)


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