Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tea at my favorite place

My favorite place on earth?  Beulah Beach in Vermilion in OH!  Why?  Because it is the place I feel closest to God.  It is the place when I was about 8 years old that I went forward at a Bible & Missionary Conference and dedicated my life to serving God in what ever way He called me to.  Sunday
 I went to Bible & Missionary Conference again this year.  This time I went with my sister and her family.  Jill had not been to Beulah she said in about 11 years when she visited me.  I lived at the camp for a year when I was the guest service coordinator.   My nephews Ryan and Kyle had never been.  It was fun to spend the say with family and wonderful seeing old friends and hearing the missionary from Peru talk about helping the people there. 
From 1980, when I was 8 years old until 1989 when I was 17, I was a camper at Beulah Beach.  I learned from so many Godly men and woman about God.  I learned how much Jesus loved me and every year it confirmed to me that I wanted to serve Him with my life.  It was always a great treat to spend a week at Beulah Beach in the summer or attend a weekend retreat.  From 1989-2009 I was a camp counselor at Beulah Beach- trying to share the love of Jesus with other young people.  I still have a picture, in my Bible, of every camper that was on my team.  This place changed my life!!!  I have made life long friends that I know I will spend eternity with.  I have sat under teachings of amazing pastors, teachers, and friends.


Beulah with my nephews!

 While at the conference I went into the cafeteria and enjoyed a cup of Raspberry Royale.  It is a good herbal tea.


Sipped throughout the day, tea quenches, soothes, satisfies... and delivers healthful antioxidants. We have blended this tea with the delicate flavor of raspberries. It is deliciously refreshing hot or iced

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