Sunday, March 18, 2018

Carpe Diem kombucha Brussels

I’m in Brussels airport traveling home from Africa.  I spent a week in Guinea helping to teach English- as well as teach a tea class and a paper beading class. 
I was tired and wanted a pick me up.  Plus I had gone a week without my own kombucha.  I spent the  extra money and tried a new brand.
What a disappointment!!  It wasn’t carbonated and the flavor was super weak.  I hate to say what I spent and I did not even finish it. 
This was a BIG miss for me- cost too much, weak flavor, and no carbonation.

 They say Kombucha has lots of anti-microbial powers and is full antioxidants, it helps sooth ulcers and improves the function of your pancreas.   Helps with your digestion and arthritis. It supports your liver.  It improves your mood. it helps you loose weight.  It helps you detoxify ... This one I can say is true!  I have one friend who calls it her "poop juice".  I can say  I've never been so regular myself!!! It also reduces the risk of heart disease and they say prevents cancer.  also lots of nutrition. Helps with your good cholesterol. Boosts immunity.  Treats type 2 diabetes too. I can't say that you will have all these changes or experience any of these benefits.... I'm just listing some of the things they say about Kombucha.  I can say I love it and drink a lot of it :)

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