Saturday, March 17, 2018

making a new favorite...Coconut Kombucha

I made a new favorite Kombucha, no really!!! I made coconut kombucha from the coconut cream tea I bought at the Ohio Tea Company.  I added a little hibiscus for a hint of fruit flavor.  It is some hibiscus I got in the market in Guinea Africa.

I absolutely love this coconut tea warm and I love it in the kombucha!
If you want a tea with a great coconut flavor, this is the tea for you!,,

 I found this amazing spoon in Columbus at a kitchen store.  I use it when I want to add a hint of loose leaf tea to my kombucha...and I don't want to put it in a bag.  It is a lot less hassle and it holds more loose leaf tea.  In this case I added hibiscus into my coconut kombucha.


Organic black tea, coconut pieces, and natural flavors,



They say Kombucha has lots of anti-microbial powers and is full antioxidants, it helps sooth ulcers and improves the function of your pancreas.   Helps with your digestion and arthritis.It supports your liver.  It improves your mood. it helps you loose weight.  It helps you detoxify ... This one I can say is true!  I have one friend who calls it her "poop juice".  I can say  I've never been so regular myself!!! It also reduces the risk of heart disease and they say prevents cancer.  also lots of nutrition. Helps with your good cholesterol. Boosts immunity.  Treats type 2 diabetes too. I can't say that you will have all these changes or experience any of these benefits.... I'm just listing some of the things they say about komucha.

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