Friday, March 30, 2018

Le Bambou, Bissap in Conakry Guinea

I spent a week in Guinea West Africa helping to teach English.  It was a fantastic week.  I love the people there.  They are warm, loving, and so friendly.
The Sunday we left Guinea we went out to eat.  After church around 20 of us met for one last get together. Below is my cousin Ashley and my friend Eliie.

I looked down the table and saw that the kids at the table were drinking Bissap.  I splurged and even though I has ordered a Coke, I asked for some Bissap as well.  This is Bissap was  completely different than any I had tried previously.  They had added vanilla sugar to it.  I was so great!  I love the taste, yes a bit sugary, but so refreshing!!!!

I enjoyed a Bambou burger and fries.  I split the burger and fries with my friend Ellie and she shared her pizza.

Heading to the Guinea airport.....

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