Monday, April 2, 2018

Preparing for the tea class in Africa with Sub Rosa Tea

I had a lot of fun getting ready for my tea class in Guinea.  I was able to get some tea from Sub Rosa tea and the were nice enough to send me some extra to share with the students.  I wanted the students to be able to experience all the teas out there- green, white, yellow, black, oolong, mate, herbal and roobios.  (Yest, I know that herbal and roobios are not true teas)

I took my collapsible to tea pots along to make several varieties at one time.

Getting my supplies ready.  I even made tea tasting sheets -so they could have an idea of what flavors they should be tasting when trying the different teas.

Flavor/Tasting notes:

Linger Finish __________________ Aroma __________________

Berry/Fruit ___________________  Citrus/Fruit _______________

Tropical/Fruit _________________ Stone/Fruit _______________

Floral _______________________  Herbal/Grassy _____________

Spicy ________________________  Sweet ____________________

Malty _______________________  Vegetal ___________________

Savory _______________________  Earthy  ___________________

Chocolaty ____________________ Smoky/Roasty ______________

Woody ______________________ Tannic ____________________

          Body ________________________  Balance ___________________

What a fun day- letting students try different kinds of teas that they have never tried before.  It was not the big class I had hoped for, but God really used the day to reach out and talk with students.  I had more English time and more individual conversations with students this way then had we had an organized tea class. It was a really fun day!  I love these students!!! They are so friendly, giving and kind.
Not having a organized class we did not use my tasting sheets.  I look forward to having a tea class sometime soon to use my tasting sheets :) 

Here I am sharing my tea!

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