Thursday, May 24, 2018

Home Tea Party

I enjoyed have some church friends over for tea and a light supper.  I made a mint tea with some fun mint tea from France and I served it in my tea pot from Guinea West Africa.   I also had water with cucumber.  I then had mixed fruit- raspberry, peaches, blueberries and strawberries.

I also served a mix of cookies for dessert.  I made several pots of hot water and we used the demi cups to to taste a varieties of teas.  It was a lot of fun!!!

I had ham salad on mini croissants along with cherry tomatoes, basil, mozzarella and balsamic vinegar. 

I had fun using my parents snack sets for the plates.  My parents received these snack sets as a wedding gift over 50 years ago.  I asked my mom if she had a set I could borrow- she said yes.  Then she handed me to sets and said I could not borrow them, I had to keep them, hahaha!  That is one way to pass along heirlooms!!  I was thrilled to get and be able to use them.

I had Urbal- Lemon Mango.  I enjoyed it very much.  It was fruity and sweet.

We even had a fun little boy sneak into the tea party.

I made pots of tea and we all got to share and try new blends

Teavana no longer makes this tea

Pinky's up!! We loved trying a variety of teas.  The demi cups come in handy for trying multiple teas. We had a nice Harney & Son Tea, a Teavana Tea, Tealyra, and Urbal Tea.

What a fun night with friends!!!!

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