Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Dragonfly Tea Room, Canal Fulton, Ohio

856th Tea Blog Post!!!!  I have been tea blogging since 2013 and this is my 856th post!!!  Thanks for joining me in this journey.

I have had a great summer at my job.  They tried compress work weeks.  I have worked 4 ten hour days and had Wednesdays off.  I have loved it!!  They just did this for the summer and today was my last Wednesday off.  I am going to miss those mid week days off!!  Fingers crossed they do it again next year!!

I asked a few ladies from my church if they wanted to go out and celebrate my last Wednesday off and have tea. So the six of us went out for tea, fun, and food...and lots of laughs.

I had the coconut Oolong tea again.  I love that tea. Normally when the Dragonfly serves tea they put the loose leaf tea in the pot and serve the pot to you.   I asked the server to put my tea in a tea ball so that the tea would not over steep.  She was not familiar with the process of that but was happy to do so. She thanked me for teaching her something new. I thanked her for understanding.
I would recommend when you get tea to always put loose leaf tea in a tea ball and not directly into the tea pot- unless you are pouring the tea into a bunch of cups and you will use all the tea at one time.  Otherwise, the tea sits in the pot and over steeps and then it becomes bitter and only your first cup is good.  Herbal tea does not matter, you can leave the loose leaf tea in all the time and it does not get bitter, this is because it is not "real tea" and it does not have the tannins in it.

I like this idea of painting the middle of a platter or plate and writing on it!  Very clever.  I have also seen a mirror glued in the middle as well.

Fun mantle! Also not sure if you can see at the end of the mantle is a glass teapot terrarium. I love that- I want to ask for one for Christmas.  It would be fun to hang in a window.

I ordered the Victoria Tea for $16.95- I splurged and I also had left overs!

We were served quiche, soup and toast, a pot of tea, finger sandwiches and desserts.

So much good food!!
The soup was a ham chowder with cheese and the quiche was mushroom.  

We each got one chicken sandwich, one dill cucumber, and one pimento sandwich.
They were all great!! The dill cucumber may have been my favorite.

We had peach pie scones, blueberry lemon bread, a strawberry, a pastry puff, and a chocolate truffle. 
Oh my- so good.

My cousin Jenni and I.

The tearoom was very busy, and I love that!  It shows me that people come to places like this.  I really need to find someone to be the money for my tearoom!  My dream, my passion would be to run a tea room.  So, if you read this and have the money to back me, let me know.  I promise to make it the best tea shop in the area :) 

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