Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Muggswigx Coffee and Tea

My friend, Paula, was given two gift cards for Muggswigx tea in Canton.  She said she never goes there, and thought I may like them.  I never had been thee, but I was thrilled to try it.

These are the loose leaf teas that they sell in the store.

With my friends gifts cards I was able to buy some loose leaf tea- Tropical Tisane Tea, and some chai tea.  100g for $8.90- a bit pricey, but since I have a gift card it was free.

This is a very nice, clean place.  Again, reminds me of the tea shop I want to have some day. 

The staff was super friendly.  There were not many people in the shop the day I was in, but I hope it stays busy!!

This was a very nice chai.  It had a nice spice to it.

I also really enjoyed the tisane tea.  I would shop here again.  Prices of loose leaf tea where a bit high, but overall I would recommend this tea shop.

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