Thursday, September 6, 2018

Bird and Blend Tea

Oh happy day!!!  I got an assortment of Blue Bird Tea.- now called Bird and Blend tea.  I love this tea, my only issue is the tea company is in England and the shipping is pricey.  This company is great, they have a ton of flavors.  
I love to watch their website- they are always doing fun things with tea.  Even if you don't buy their tea, you should follow them on social media.  They also do mixology workshops and have fun recipes posted on line.
I have contacted them several times when I have purchased tea and let them know if they ever come to the states to let me know.  I want to work for them!!

This is my BlueBird Cold Brew container. 

I did a one month tea subscription, I wish I could continue the subscription, but the shipping is too much.  You get 3 teas for $17.95, but with US shipping it was more like $22.  I then purchased other teas too.  

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