Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Pips Doughnuts and Chai

We went to Pips on Saturday, but the line was too long. We needed to be in out in less than an hour and we knew it would not happen.  It is crazy how popular this place is!  And why wouldn't be- it has great doughnuts and fantastic chai.  
I had Pips for the first time in 2016 and I fell in love with it.

My niece, Katie and I.

I love visiting the Pacific Northwest!!!  There are so many great things about this area.  I love the food, tea, the sights...and the people.

We headed back to Portland on Sunday when we had more time.  As you can see Katie and I were pretty excited to be back!

Again, the day had long lines.  We waited 30 minutes in line.

The doughnuts are hand made.  I ordered a dozen for myself- but I did not eat them all in one sitting.  I also took some home to my nephew.  It was girls day and my nephew did not come, but I wanted to spoil him :)  I purchased him the Cinnamon, nutella and bacon ones.

My favorite doughnuts were the the bacon ones and the seasonal lavender ones.

I ordered a flight of chai.  My favorite is Emmylou!!!  I finished all the chai, except the Smokey Robinson- it was way too smokey.
5 chai's for $12.95, I thought that was a good price.

The doughnuts are delicious!!!  I would love to start a Pips in Ohio!!

I always said I wanted a tea truck.  Bubble Tea in the summer and Chai and Scones in the winter.  But, maybe I could do chai and doughnuts!  Pips rock!!!


Fun times with my niece and my sister.  I love making memories like this.  Sharing laughter, food, and tea.

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Girls day!!!

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