Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Mug Warmer for your tea

I have been product testing for several companies for products on Amazon.  I am loving it!!!  I am always looking for tea related items. 
 And I jumped on the chance to product test this smart warmer.

 Smart Coffee Set Auto On/Off Gravity-induction Mug Office Desk Use, Candle Wax Cup Warmer Heating Plate (Up To 131F/55C), for $42.99

My thoughts on this product- 

First, it does what it says.  It heats your cup of tea or melts your candle.  It heats up as soon as there is pressure placed on the top surface.  And it heats up quickly and becomes very hot to the touch.  Sure, this is great if you want to keep your mug hot or want to warm a candle.

But, I have concerns, to me it is a safety hazard.  If you leave this plugged in it is ready to go.  Then once you set something on it, it turns on and begins heating.  So, if someone accidentally sets something on it, you could have a fire happening.  Do you really need a heating plate that gets up to 131 degrees F?  
I know, as a former claims adjuster, I see the worst, but to me it is not safe.

Lastly, this Smart Warmer is really expensive.  It's almost $50.  To me you can buy a cup warmer for around $10.

For me if you are looking to keep a mug warm, buy a warmer that has an on/off switch, or always unplug this one when you are done.  Safety First is what I say.

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