Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Ohio Tea Company, Creme Burlee

When I went to Ohio Tea Company and I asked if they had anything new.   They had this one, Creme Brule.  So new, it does not even have a label yet.

These tea smells amazing!  For those of you from Orrville, Ohio will know what it smells like when I say it smells like walking into Audrey's Attic!!!  

This is a black tea- you want to heat your water over 212 degrees.  You also want to steep between 3-5 minutes.

Time to put away the Christmas mugs...which mug do I use one last time...

Okay, I could not decide.  I went for the ornament mug for my hot tea and the snow globe for my iced tea.  These mugs were the deal of the day!  The snow globe was last year from Target for .49!!!  And the ornament this year was the end of season sale at CVS for $1.00.

This is a great black tea.  I really am enjoying it. It has a nice aftertaste.  The aroma and tasting notes are great!  I really like this one!

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