Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Ohio Tea Company Earl Grey Jasmine Monkey King

from the website, 
"For bergamot lovers, jasmine lovers, and green tea lovers, this tea tops the list. An intriguing combination of flavors and aromas that can pull you right out of a boring afternoon while you read the exciting story of the Monkey King in the Chinese legend "Journey to the West" written in the Ming Dynasty by Wu Chen-En.

Extra Info:

The Monkey King legend from 1500s China holds that Monkey was born of rock and was a mischievous fellow who demanded immortality from the gods. The story is a pseudo-historical account of a monk (Xuanzang) who went to India in the 7th century to seek Buddhist scriptures to bring back to China. The principle story consists of eighty-one calamities suffered by Monkey and his guardians Tripitaka and Sandy, who are monks, and Pigsy, a pig.


China green tea, jasmine flowers, and bergamot oil,



Make sure you follow the directions on making the tea...make sure the water temp is just right and that you steep it for the correct amount of time.

I was excited to try this Earl Grey Jasmine Monkey King Tea- I decided to try this tea with Mango Sticky Spring Rolls.  I love the mango and sticky rice.  However, the tea was not a hit.

This tea was way too perfunmey for me..  I think it was the bergamont, but I am not sure. I am a big fan of Earl Grey, a big fan of jasmine, but sadly not of these tea.  I always tell people to try a tea twice before you throw it out.  But, I did not finish the first cup I made...I am not sure I can make this one again.  We will see....

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