Saturday, January 11, 2020

Plum Deluxe, Coconut A La Creme Back Tea

Black Tea, Coconut Pieces, Vanilla & Coconut Essences, Calendula

This tea smells amazing!!  It has a great coconut aroma.

On a drab winter day, where the weather is almost 60 degrees, I was craving cinnamon toast like my mom used to make.  These made me feel warm and cozy all over- they were great with the coconut tea.

This tea is wonderful.  It has a strong black tea flavor, but the sweet notes of coconut compliment it so well.  It is not sweet like candy sweet, it just has a light sweetness to it.  I really like it.  

I have been very pleased with the teas that I have received from Plum.  They produce quality tea.

And I love that while I blog, Earl Grey, my cat chills with me.

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