Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Sure House, Golden Milk Latte

For Christmas I received a lot of gift cards for Sure House.  I am a big fan of the Golden Milk Latte with maple syrup.  They also have this great mugs.  You may think that I already have enough mugs, but I could not pass up on these beautiful hand made mugs.

When I look in this mug, it almost looks the like the Continent of Australia  in the inside.   It is super light weight and really fun to drink from.

I also could not pass up the chocolate cretzel. They are so delicious.    Part croissant, part pretzels, completely fantasic!

The gal behind the counter was super helpful and friendly.  I love the staff here at Sure House.  And I will be back, because I have another $15 in gift cards to spend, lol!!!

Yep, the Golden Milk Latte is delicious!!!!  I love it, and I have since learned to make it.  But, now that I have my gift cards I will happily allow someone else to make it for me.

Love my new mug!!!

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