Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Story of my Tea- Blind Tea Tasting

This might be a tradition with my family.  We did it last year at Christmas and loved it, so we did it again this.

We did blind tea tasting.  My nephews and I love trying tea.  This year it was my mom, sister and older nephew.

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The bag tells you how to make the tea.  It gives you the water temp, tells you how much tea to add, and how long to steep.

For the first one we did our sniffing of the tea, then tasted it.  We made our guesses.

I have to say I was the closest, I could tell it was a silver needle, based on the leaves.

Some other guesses- were that it smelled/tasted like catnip or grass.

We laugh so hard when we are guessing what is in the tea.  But, I have to say we are all getting better at guessing what we are tasting and smelling.  

We have this wheel that helps us decide what we think we are tasting when we try the tea.


This our third blind tea tasting and we said we think that this our favorite envelope.  We liked most all of the teas.

My nephews say that they are going to make me a blind tasting set.  I love that!!  It would be easy to do, you just take a tea bag and don't show the person what they are drinking and you let them guess.


This one might have been my favorite.  And no surprise it was an oolong tea....which is my favorite kind of tea.

We had fun looking at the tea and trying to figure out what was in the tea.  Where those chucks of sugar? Caramel? Nuts?

We all did great on this one and realized that there was caramel in it.   My sister and I both realized there was hazelnut in the tea.  I think she might have mentioned it and then I jumped all over it.  

It is funny sometimes you know you know a flavor, but just can't put your finger on it.  But, as soon as someone says it, you know they are right.  Also, I just had tried a hazelnut vanilla tea and I knew this reminded me of it.


Lastly, was this tea.  We all really liked it too.

We were all over the place on our guessing with this one.

This is such a fun concept.  I am so glad I discovered this place and so glad that my family enjoys tea tasting.

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