Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Ohio Tea Company, African Summer

We are finally getting snow!  I thought that this was going to be the winter that would never come.   But, finally we got some snow.

I love this label!  Have my decision on picking new teas to try is the labels, lol!  This one is bright and fun, just like this tea.

Honeybush, orange peel, lemon grass, rose-hips, safflowers, with orange, and lemon flavor

I got this new tea to try and sadly I love it.  I am in trouble, I keep finding Ohio Tea Company teas that I love.  This one is full of citrus flavors.  I am not a huge honeybush fan, and thankfully I don't get the honey flavor.  All I get is the wonderful citrus notes. It is light and bright.  It is a great mix of orange and lemon.  This is definitely going to be one I make as an iced tea.

This is an herbal tea, so you want your water to be over 200 degrees.  I then steep 3-5 minutes and I get 2 cups out of  1 teaspoon.

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