Thursday, March 19, 2020

working from home, full day #1- Ohio Tea Company, Creme Brulee

My office has sent most of us home to work.  We are practicing social distancing....

Today, 3/19/2020, was the first full day of working from home.  It was an adjustment for me and for my house mate.  Earl Grey was very distracting in the morning.  

He was very curious what I was up too and why I was ignoring him.  I love this little guy!!!

Each day I want to feature a different tea.  Today is Ohio Tea Company- Creme Brulee.  It is really good.  The after notes remind me of the crunch that is on top of creme brulee.

This is a black tea, so you want to have your water over 200.  She also want to steep the tea for 3-5 minutes.

I felt like I was being watched all day.....

But, by the afternoon I think he got that I had work to do and he decided to take a nap and wait for my day to be over.

Have to keep an eye out for my house mate- with the run on TP I want to make sure he is not stealing any...and that he replaces what he uses!

We survived day 1!!  It seems like he knew when the day was over, cause he jumped up on my lap!

No idea how long working from home will last.  But, I am trusting God in all of this.  There is no reason to fear, this virus comes as no surprise to Him.  Change can be scary and over whelming, if you are fearful or scared during this time- try focusing on the good that is happening.

For me...the positives...
1.  God has given me a peace during all of this.  I can be a light and share joy.
2.  Working from home means that I can work in my Pj's
3.  Working from home means I get to see my cat all day
4. Working from home means I still have a job.
5.  Things closed- now I can spend more time reading, spring cleaning, and work outside
6. People running out of things- gives me a chance to see how I can help them...take the groceries. TP, or whatever they may need.
7. Intentional Praying for those who are sick, hurting, or fearful

What has you anxious or upset about this can you turn it into a positive?

Hope you are finding joy and sharing joy!

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