Saturday, March 21, 2020

Happy 48th birthday freebies

Super excited to have snow for my birthday.  It's wasn't  lot of snow, but snow is snow, but I will take it!!

My office gives me the day off for my birthday, so I decided to go out an see what free things I could find.

But, first stop was to pop into my parents house and visit with them for a bit.  Mom and I also staged this pic with our Lehman mugs.

My first free thing was breakfast at Denny's.  If you show your drivers license on your birthday, you get a free Grand Slam breakfast.

My second free thing was a drink at Dunkin Donuts.  I got the Large Matcha Latte.

Free thing number 3 was some tea at Ohio Tea Company.

Free thing #4 was a free pastry at Panera.

Free thing number 5, was anything at Starbucks.  I got an egg sandwich. 

And finally, #6 was $5 free at Menchies!

At the end of the day I enjoyed a .99 face mask and some Giant Eagle sushi.   

It was a great day, I am so blessed.  48 isn't going to be too bad!    I am sharing my number with Jimmie Johnson this is too #8 for him!!!

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