Monday, March 16, 2020

Hot Drink night at church

Our ladies ministries team does a really good job of  being intentional about getting us ladies together to interact with each other.  We have game nights, teas, craft/paint nights, Bible studies, and other great events.

I think it is important for us ladies  (old and young) to meet and gather together.  We are a family of sisters.  We can encourage each other, minister, and grow together.

We had over 40 ladies sign up for this fun night.  I was asked to do a hot drink bar.  I was excited to share my love of teas...I was in my element.

I had 3 kinds of Chai.  A mix of Mate and Green Chai, a Black tea from India, and an Herbal Chai from Colorado.

I also had a large mix of herbal teas for those older ladies who did not want the caffeine. 

I had four kinds of hot chocolate- chocolate, mocha hot chocolate, spicy hot chocolate, and salted caramel. 

I also frothed milk and had some fun syrups that could be added to the milk.

(I had fun using lots of my free product test items, like this sign)

(This electric kettle, both milk forthers, and both signs were product tests too)

I served lots and lots of hot drinks.  What a fun night!!!

I even had some sugar sprinkles that could be added to the top of the frothed milk,

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