Sunday, March 15, 2020

Elephant tumbler, Tree-Free Greetings Travel Coffee Tumbler, 17 Oz



I got this fun mug as a product test.  I gave it to my parents and my dad is loving it!  My mom says my dad loves to drink from it while he is driving. Having a straw in the lid is a great option for drinking while driving.

I love the color picture on this tumbler.  I choose this because I was hoping my mom would like it, elephants are one of her favorite animals. I also have a special tie with elephants- as I got to ride one in Thailand.

One of the great things about this tumbler is that there are two lid options.  One with the open mouth option and one with a straw options.  It also comes with two straws. 


I recently got another elephant product test!  They are adorable!!!

2016 I was in Thailand for a mission trip.  I took a day and went to the Hua Hin Safari.

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