Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Christmas tea pot from Hong Kong and tea cup from Kenya

My parents gave me this tea pot for Christmas.  I had seen it before and was excited to see it show up as a Christmas gift.  They had gotten it  in a box of items at an auction in Kidron a few years ago.

We have a friend who used to live in Hong Kong, so we asked what the teapot may were their thoughts....

The little square with 4 characters is really to fuzzy, but if it is from the bottom of the tea set it probably is either a date or the name of the company that made it.

The words on the teapot.  It is quite possibly a poem.  We are able to read the name of the one who wrote it.  Shi Sheng Li, but after checking on google find no reference to a poet with that name.  
Of the 10 characters that are in the calligraphy, they are written in the author's own specific artistic style, making it difficult to look them up in any dictionary at our disposal, and rest assured we own quite a few besides the ones now available to us on the internet. 
We are quite sure that we know 5 of the 10 characters, and have a pretty good guess about 4 others.  There is however one that has us completely baffled and we cannot find it anywhere....leading us to believe it is either very obscure or written in such a flamboyant style it completely eludes our western minds!!
So here is our best bet for what it says, 


Your guess is as good as mine about what the writer may have been trying to get across, but it seems to be a fine sentiment and not something evil or harmful!!

I also got these adorable little wooden tea cup.  It was hand made in Kenya.

 I am not sure I will drink from it, but it is super cute.  

I also got these fun tea items for Christmas... along with some tea too.  I also got money for a tea plant...see another post about my tea plant, Camellia Sinensis. 

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