Sunday, January 10, 2021

Ohio Tea Company - Gingerbread Chai

I tried the variety pack of tea from Ohio Tea Co.  I wanted to try this one first, the ingredients list sounded very tasty.  

I am not always a fan of Rooibos, but I am a fan of these tea.  

I made this tea with hot water,  frothed hot almond milk with maple syrup.  I also topped the tea with ground nutmeg.


Rooibos, cinnamon, ginger, lemongrass, dried apple, cacao beans, dried yogurt, cardamom, clove, chocolate & natural vanilla flavor (milk & soy)

Water temp- 200 degrees
Steep time 4-5 minutes, I steep for a less time and then I make 2-3 cups of tea out of one serving.  

Have you ever used a french press to make tea?  I started to and I really like it.  Just put the tea on the top side of the press and not the bottom.  Once it has steeped you pout the tea into your mug and then you pull the press handle up so that the tea is no longer sitting in the water.  

You then you use it like a tea pot.  Pour tea into your cup as needed. With this one, I only made a cup, so I did not have to pull the handle up.  But, I could have easily made two cups in the one french press.  

My mom and sisters and I had did a 2 hour zoom call to catch up.  We all grabbed a cup of tea and had fun catching up.  Things may be crazy and unknown, but make sure you take the time to stay in touch with your love ones.

This tea has great flavors and wonderful chai notes.  This tea has fruity notes with bits of cardamom.  I found it warm and cozy.

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