Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Tea inspired gift bag idea

I went on a ladies retreat in March in Tennessee.  I only knew 2 of the gals when we left Ohio, but I ended up making lots of friends by the end of the weekend.

We rented a big house on the lake- talked about Jesus, worshiped, ate, talked, laughed and relaxed

Our "speaker" was David Paul Tripp- I highly recommend him as a good leader and speaker.  Looking to be inspired in your daily walk with God, check him out!!

In doing this retreat we were all supposed to bring something to share with the other 16 ladies on the trip.  That way we would all go away with a great goodie bag.

Well, I wanted my item to be tea related, of course.  So, I spent some time on line and decided to give a bag with loose tea and a steeper in it...then I saw these adorable little bowls that the steeper could sit in so that you did not get tea all over the place between cups of, I bought those too.

If you ever have a need to give a little something to a group of people, let me recommend this idea.  It was not too pricey, I think less than $3 a person, but I sis already have the Tea Forte tea packets.

Look at all the fun bags ready to be handed out.....

People were super creative with what they gave. 

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