Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Goldberry Chai Latte and Golden Milk Latte, Ashland OH

It's the second annual girls outing to Goldberry in Ashland.   It's so fun to get together outside of work with these gals.  Our companies consultant has started Goldberry with his son.  

The coffee and tea currently come from origins all over the world. Goldberry plans to source much of its coffee and tea components from the Sierra Norte de Puebla region of Mexico in the near future.  Goldberry works with the farmers there and their sister company, Coffee Growing Community. At least 10% of Goldberry's profits goes back to helping the Coffee Growing Community. This money helps provide spiritual. economical and social development in the Sierra Norte de Puebla communities.

They have these beautiful cookies!  I did not try them as I am trying to watch my weight, but they were tempting!

But, when it came to their new teas- I had to try them both.  I went with the hot chai and cold golden milk latte.

Us girls with Peter.

I love what they have done with their shop.  They have been here two years and are constantly adding cool new drinks and features.  Last year when we were here they just had the one large room, but now they have a new room off to the side.  The furniture in their is super fun, looks like it's all made from wooden pallets. 

Everything is bright and clean.  The prices are good.  They also have free wi-fi.

I really enjoyed the hot chai.  The flavors are really good.  I had them add oat milk, which I think always adds a great depth of flavors.  The cardamon and spices are great in this chai.

The golden milk latte was really great too.  I am not sure which was my favorite.  The golden milk has the great turmeric notes.

Excellent drinks and price.

If you are in the area, I recommend you stop by here and meet the friendly staff and get a great drink.

They are right across from the blue water tank.

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