Friday, August 6, 2021

Coconut Latte, trial and error

I have had just a few coconut lattes that I really like.  One of my all time favorites was in Vermilion Ohio. If I consider myself a tea connoisseur then I need to be able to make every tea I come across. Every time I try a coconut latte I like I ask them how they make it and what is in it.

I am working on trying to make a good tasting coconut latte.  I have coconut tea, coconut syrup, and oat milk.

My favorite kind of tea is coconut oolong.  I love this milky oolong from Tealyra.

I really like oat milk, but I buy what's on sale.  I even get coconut milk or soy milk.  Oat is my favorite, I love the rich, deep flavor of oak milk.  

I am not a fan of sugar-free syrups.  I am a fan of this syrup.

I frothed the milk and added the coconut syrup to added additional flavor.

I made the tea, frothed the milk and added ice.

It was okay, but not fabulous.  I need to keep working. The coconut flavor is not as strong as I hoped.  I may use coconut milk next time and more syrup.   Don't be afraid to play around.  Trial and error is how you learn.  You may discover something brand new in the process.

I give myself a 3 out of 5.

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