Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Thrift Store Finds

Do you like old things?  I do, I love eclectic and vintage.  I have found the best way to get this look is to go to 2nd hand stores and thrift shop.

When I get these old pieces I love to use them.  How fun is it to eat blueberries from a vintage dish from England.  Oh, the stories this dish could tell.

I got all these dishes for $2.00 at our local thrift shop.

I also picked up some $2 teapots.  I will use these for decorations inside or outside...not so much to serve tea with.

This pattern ALWAYS reminds me of some youth pastors that used to be in our church when I was 6 or 7.  I can remember that they had us over and that there dinning room table was a picnic table and there dishes were this blue design.  Every time I see this design I think of the Bartas.  I saw this teapot for $2 and I knew I needed to add to my collection.

This is just another $2 teapot.  Maybe it will be another wind chime or maybe a flower pot.

I got this electric water heater for $10 (yes, it is really a coffee percolator).  It will be great for teas.  I smelled it hoping coffee had never been in it.  Once I cleaned it out and tried water from it and I confident that no coffee has been in it.  This is great to make lots of hot water at one time.

I also picked up, yet another, tea steeper.  These sell for around $20 and I bought it for $1 and it looks like it was never used.  These come in handy when I have tea parties so that people can each make their own personal cups of tea.

This was a great day at Mission Thrift!!!  I hesitate to tell you where this place is, I don't want you sweeping in and getting all the great deals.  hahaha.

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