Friday, September 24, 2021

Gathering Grounds, Coconut Latte, Huron OH

This little cottage was my piece of heaven for the week.  I loved it.  The view was amazing too.

I was up at my church camp, Beulah Beach, for the missions conference that was taking place.

One afternoon off, my friend, Abby and I went on a tea run.  We started in Huron at Gathering Grounds. According to Google Maps there should have been three tea places in Huron, but it appears that they were all out of business.  I am glad Gathering Grounds was still there!

I enjoyed this coconut latte.  It was sweet and had nice notes of coconut.  The atmosphere is super quaint in this cafe too.

Abby and I had a fun conversation with a lady there about finding other tea places.  She was a real character and we got a chuckle out of chatting with her.  I enjoy meeting new people when I am out.  You never know what you can learn from people and how you can impact others too.  Don't ever be too busy to talk to people and share joy with them.

We were looking for lunch, but we did this place did not have a lot of options, so we just stuck with our lattes.  

While we were here, we just typed in tea places near us to discover where to head next.  I love to travel like this.  Google Maps is great for this- type in what  you are looking for and wait and watch to see what comes up.

The flavors were on point, the price was decent and the staff was friendly.  It did not "wow" me, but it was very good.  I would go here again.  This was in fact my second time here, I had been here about two years ago for some bubble tea.

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