Monday, September 27, 2021

Mr Smith Coffee House, Iced Chai

Talk about your quaint town on the water, this area had all the feels.  If we had not been in a hurry to get all the tea places, I would have loved to walk around and see more.  It was hot, but beautiful day to be out.

This coffee house used to be a theatre. 

The decor is fun and eclectic.

This was in the bathroom where the mirror would have been- I thought it was a great idea!

I had the iced chai. The chai is a house blend.  I have to say of all the teas I had today this was my favorite.  I love the spicy blend with the black tea.

Next time we are headed to the island for Bluebird cafe and Biggby Coffee!!

We were VERY disappointed to find that Woodstock was closed for the day.  So, we headed to Susie's Café in Vermilion but it was closed for good. So, we headed to Oberlin for more options.

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