Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Boom Town Coffee, Boom Town Bubble Tea, Sandusky Oh

Abby and I were in Vermilion for the week enjoying our church camp.  We had one afternoon off so we went tea hunting.  We would go to one town for tea and then I would type in Tea in Google Maps and see what was close by.  I find this a great way to discover new places.

There are so many tea places that we are already picking what we want to do next time.

This place is super cute.  I have never been to this part of Sandusky before.  I loved the water town vibe.  I almost felt like I was in Maine.  The streets are well maintained and quaint. 

I was hungry and decided to try a salad and the Boom Town Bubble Tea.   The staff was friendly and the place clean, light and bright.

Here is the list below of the Bubble Tea they had today.  So many options.  
Even though this is a coffee place, it is nice to see the tea options.  

I enjoyed the salad.  And I thought the tea was nice.  I liked the addition of the strawberry puree.  I don't think I have ever had a tea with puree. I thought that was a great twist.

I gave this Bubble Tea a 4 tea cups out of 5.  I thought the flavors were good.  The shop was nice and people were friendly.  I would recommend this little shop if you were in the area.

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