Saturday, October 2, 2021

New Tea Plant, growing indoors.

Keeping a tea plant alive, is not easy.  I got this tea plant below for Christmas.  I did the special soil, the special light, but I could not keep it alive. I took it to work to see if I could keep it alive there.  One of my funny co-workers added the tea bags to the "dead" tree to make it look more like a tea plant.  It cracks me up.

The only thing that is staying alive in this pot is the Christmas Cactus.  It is start from my mom, who got it from my grandma who has since passed away.

I then went to Hirt's Garden in Medina to get another tea plant.  Again, it is frustrating that no one there knows anything about the plant.  
I read again everything on line. There are so many things on line, but not a ton about keeping your tea plant alive inside.  The first time I tried so hard, but still felt like I was winging it.
I thought maybe I added too much "special soil.  I decided that everything they had in the pot would be enough and I would just add to the dirt I had in the bigger pot.

In the green house you still needed to wear a mask.  So, I am complying.  I went with this beauty.  I am so excited to try to make this process a success.

Side note, I was not able to keep this plant alive either.  I guess I was not meant to grow a tea plant.

I did save some leaves, but I have no idea what I will can do with them....but I am thinking about a fun craft.

Big bummer, but I gave it my best try.  I suppose I will just enjoy my already prepared and made for me.

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