Sunday, October 31, 2021

Cafe Santo Domingo, Iced Chai Latte, Punta Cana DR

I was in Punta Cana on a mission trip.  We had the afternoon off we decided to head a short distance into town.  We took a taxi, but I would recommend an Uber.  A taxi is about twice the cost of an Uber.  There was a store called Jumbo- which was like a giant Target or Walmart.  Behind the store and also in front of their store were these giant fish.  You know I have to have some photos taken by them, lol.

In side the mall area was a cafe.  I was so excited to find another place that sold tea.  It was so hot I could have drank about four of those iced chai lattes.

The staff spoke some English.  They were super friendly and helpful.  They did not get frustrated with us and our lack of their language.

I thought the iced chai was very good. It was super refreshing.  The chai was creamy and cold.  I did wish the chai notes were a bit stronger.  The flavor was good, but I would have liked more spice notes.  It was sweet and good though.

In the Super Pola Grocery Store we found these giant avocados.  I was also pleased to find some other teas and some kombucha.  A local grocery store is a great place to find unique foods and drinks.

I encourage to get out and try new things and places.  Even if you never leave the states- go to a different city and see what it new there.  Try ethnic grocery stores and try new foods.  I love to eat foods from different countries.

Here is the giant fish out front of the store.


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